Tom Brady Shares Leadership Wisdom That Works

Tom Brady is what I describe as the real deal. He’s an authentic leader who understands who he is and never tries to be anyone else, all the while remaining thoughtful, humble, and down to earth in spite of all of his success. There’s no question he’s a determined, disciplined, make-it-happen guy who knows how to win.

Dealing With Leadership Insecurities

Being promoted to a manager position is exciting for any aspiring leader, but before you pop the champagne, you might want to take a moment and prepare yourself for the reality of the job. It’s normal for new managers to feel pressure when stepping into a role with higher expectations. Taking on a management position can be tough, especially when your former peers have to report to you. Leading people isn’t easy, and when your team members come to you with problems that you don’t know the answers to, it can leave you scrambling or feeling unqualified.

Breaking Through The Recognition Deficit

When was the last time YOU recognized someone? How did you recognize them? A simple thank you? A heartfelt note explaining specific ways this person impacted you? What was the response?