The best gift you can give your team member little cost

The Best Gift You Can Give Your Team This December

By: David Novak Leadership

December is the month of gift giving and the gift options are endless. If you’re a leader, it can be challenging to find the perfect gift for each person on your team.

What if you could find the best gift for each person on your team at little to no cost? Impossible, you might say.

It is actually possible if you believe in the power of recognition. Recognition costs you little but pays big dividends. Watch this video to see just how powerful recognition can be.

How do you feel after watching that video? Maybe you wish someone would give YOU the gift of recognition this December.

Recognition is actually a gift your team wants. Did you know that according to KRC national research:

  • 82% of employees don’t feel their supervisor appreciates them
  • 88% of employees don’t feel appreciated by their co-workers*

You can be the leader that breaks through the recognition deficit! Take some time to reflect on what you appreciate about each person on your team and then write a handwritten note to express your gratitude. Use these tips for giving authentic recognition to help you. And then watch your team’s reaction and performance when they discover how much you value their contribution to the team. Who will you recognize this week?

Are you interested in learning more about using the power of recognition to drive business results? David Novak Leadership’s Purposeful Recognition: The Secret to Achieving Great Results course will teach you how to use recognition to reinforce the goals and behaviors that drive results, and how to use your unique recognition personality to recognize others in an authentic way. Give yourself the gift of leadership development this December.

*KRC Research conducted this survey on behalf of OGO (O Great One!) via an online survey of 1,000 nationally representative U.S. adults ages 18 or older. The study was conducted between February 23 – February 29, 2016

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