Are you REALLY recognizing your team enough?

Take this survey on Appreciation

  • Letting your team know you’ve noticed when they’ve done something great sounds like it would be a given. And if asked, you’d probably say you’re pretty good at it. But are you really recognizing your team members enough? And are you doing it in a way that resonates and drives results?

    In a recent study, 51% of managers said they do a good job recognizing their employees … but only 17% of those employees think their managers give them enough recognition.* That’s a big gap!

    Is your team in the same camp? This short survey is the perfect way to find out, and it only takes 4 to 5 minutes. (But remember: it’s important to be completely honest with yourself when answering or else you may never know the truth).

    * National Globoforce Survey, p. 39, The 5 Languages of Appreciation, Gary Chapman

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