Soft Skills that Deliver Hard Results

Teach your emerging and front-line managers the “must-have” leadership skills they need to build engaged teams and drive results.

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0 in 10
employees are not actively engaged at work.

State of the American Workplace Report, Gallup

Disengaged employees result in high turnover, low productivity and loss of profits. The problem is your emerging and front-line managers haven’t learned the essential leadership skills they need to build engaged teams and deliver consistent results.

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The Essential Leadership Traits program

will teach your managers how to transform their leadership by:

Engaging Others

  • Believe the best about those they lead rather than the worst
  • Involve and delegate rather than control and micromanage
  • Seek and invite input from all rather than providing all the answers
  • Communicate extensively rather than hoarding information

Equipping Their People

  • Align the team with common goals rather than providing no direction
  • Notice the needs of the team and provide resources rather than ignoring needs or assuming all needs are met
  • Help the team by eliminating barriers rather than requiring members to fend for themselves
  • Coach and support with heart rather than managing with muscle

Elevating Their Teams

  • Commit to continuous self-learning rather than believing they know enough
  • Challenge the team to continuously improve rather than finding comfort in the status quo
  • Recognize others consistently rather than taking all the credit
  • Build others up through words and actions rather than tearing them down

Leadership Training That Sticks

Effective leadership training doesn’t just happen by sitting in half day workshops or watching a few talking head videos.

The Essential Leadership Traits program is a fully integrated experience designed to help your employees transform how they lead.

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  • 5 Interactive and engaging Learning Modules and ebook
  • 90 Day Implementation Plan
  • On-Demand learning when and where your employees need it
  • Bite sized learning that builds on itself over time to effect real change
  • Practical On the Job Application
  • SCORM & AICC compliant

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