leadership Training you won’t find anywhere else

How to drive results and become the leader everyone admires.


Develop the leadership skills needed to influence people and implement a winning approach in all that you do.

Become a leader who is known for how they inspire others
and drive results – a leader people both look to and look up to.


Here’s What You’ll Get


    It won’t take you a lot of time to learn how to recognize others. Transform your leadership this week.


    This is all about making the training personal. Discover how to put the training into action in your current situation.


    Imagine sitting with well-known leaders from around the world to hear how they use recognition to drive results.


    Use a combination of tools (like questionnaires & planners) to start applying what you learn right away.


    Create an Action Plan that will accelerate your career.

Brands making good things happen…

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    My business partner and I always wanted to create a recognition program for our firm. The Purposeful Recognition course was just what we needed to actually do it. It gave us the tools we needed to develop a great program that rewards the behaviors we want to encourage and it’s making a huge difference with our team.” – Laura Clark, Reliant Wealth Planning
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    As an entrepreneur, I tend to be focused on results. This course helped me develop a more people first leadership approach that inspires others and gets the results I need. It made such a difference for me that I’m having all of my team take the course as well.” – Rick Ormsby, Unbridled Capital
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    As an Executive Director for a non-profit organization, I’m always looking for affordable ways to develop myself and my team. The Purposeful Recognition course was perfect for us! We loved learning how to recognize each other using our CORE values. We started doing it right away and it’s made such a positive difference at Scarlet Hope.” – Ronelle Brumleve, Scarlet Hope
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    I’ve never been through a course like Purposeful Recognition. It was so unique in how it made a compelling case for recognition. I learned how to use it effectively and how it drives results!”– Chad Bayless, Dollar General
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    Purposeful Recognition teaches you how to use recognition in a way that is so very practical. It works!” – Max Vadeboncoeur, Plant Manager, ISCO

How this training will set you up for success

Learn the leadership skill that delivers real results so you become the leader everyone admires.

Learn how to make a bigger impact and positively influence others.

Discover the secret behind Purposeful Recognition and define the goals & behaviors that drive results.

Understand how to leverage small wins along the way.

Personalize your leadership approach to achieve desired outcomes.

Overcome excuses and barriers that hold you back from success.

Create an Action Plan to turn your intentions into action.


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  • six chapter curriculum
    (audio & videos)
  • participant workbook
  • reflection exercises
  • real-world coaching examples
  • personalized action plan



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