Become One of Today's Most Successful Leaders

learn from the man who took

from $4 billion to $32 billion


Become One of Today's Most Successful Leaders

learn from the man who took

from $4 billion to $32 billion

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Early in my career, as the Chief Operating Officer of PepsiCo, I had an experience that changed how I thought about my role as a leader. I believe this critical leadership skill is the key to any leader's success, I know for certain it was the key to my success.





David has been asking questions and learning from some of the most talented people on the planet for decades. On How Leaders Lead with David Novak, David keeps the questions coming for you to listen to, learn from, and maybe even apply to your own style of leadership.


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Conversations with today's most successful leaders you won't find anywhere else.

Connecting to Humanity


David had the pleasure of recording with Lonnie Ali, Director & Vice Chair of the Board of Directors at the Muhammad Ali Center. He realized the timeliness of her words - her insights on how Mohammed Ali's legacy connects to humanity, the courageous positions he took on social issues, and even her take on the important role women leaders of color play in society - and there's never been a better time to hear her voice. Listen here

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David Novak Leadership is the only podcast that brings you conversations with today’s most successful leaders that you won't hear anywhere else. Each episode gives you an unfiltered peek into the mind and heart of today's leaders. Listen to learn practical insights that you can apply right now.


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At David Novak Leadership, we believe that everyone has the potential to be a better leader. As a renowned expert on leadership and organizational culture, David will be your virtual mentor by providing resources that will help you unlock your greatest leadership potential.

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Brands making good things happen...

Brands making good things happen...

If you want to go far, take people with you.

David Novak cuts right to the chase with Taking People With You, a step-by-step guide to setting big goals, building strong teams, blowing past your targets, and celebrating after you shock the skeptics.


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    David Novak is the type of leader others want to follow. His success in business is second only to his legacy of teaching leaders to achieve big results and make a positive difference." - Indra Nooyi, former Chairman and CEO, PepsiCo
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    David Novak was a hard-driving CEO with a great heart and soul - and that gives him unique insight into both your personal development and how to bring out the best in others.- Jamie Dimon, chairman and CEO, JPMorgan Chase
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    David's career is replete with excellent accomplishments in motivating teams and large organizations to achieve extraordinary results. This how-to website distills these lessons so they can easily be adopted by any leader or organization." - David Cote, chairman and CEO, Honeywell

Implement a winning approach in all that you do.

Develop the leadership skills needed to have an influence with people that will drive results.


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