Why Your Leadership Mindset Matters

As a leader, your mindset influences everything. It affects your attitude, how you handle challenges, and ultimately your success.

If you have the wrong mindset, it will show.

You know the kind of leader who has the wrong mindset. He is negative and difficult to be around. He’s out of touch with his team, to the point that they have lost all confidence in his ability to lead them. Basically, he is the kind of leader who is impossible to follow.

If you don’t want to be that guy, here are three principles that will help you choose the right mindset:

Leadership is not just a job, it’s a purpose.

A leader’s role is to inspire, motivate, and provoke others to be great at what they do. If you are the person who has been chosen to do those things, then it’s important to realize the privilege you’ve been given. When you recognize this responsibility, it transforms your behavior. Have you ever noticed how people flock toward leaders that acknowledge how fortunate they are? A grateful leader is more inspirational than one who disregards the influence they’ve been given.

Recognize people are counting on you do to your job.

The best leaders know their purpose is to support their team. By doing your job well, you enable them to do their job well. If you aren’t helping them, you’re hindering them. Goals can’t be met efficiently if you don’t give your people the resources they need. Success remains untapped if you don’t give your team clear direction or set expectations. As a leader, you set the precedent for others. If you do your job well, others will win. And remember, when they win, you win.

You cast a shadow.

Whatever a leader does, others follow. This is true of every organization. People will look to you to model their behavior. If you’re always scowling and pointing out the negative, your team will feel the effect of it; and that gloom will trickle throughout the organization. But if you’re energetic and passionate about what you do, others will do the same. Think about the behaviors you want to inspire in your team and live them out. As a leader, you make or break the culture.

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