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How to Incorporate Recognition While WFH (Working From Home)

By: David Novak Leadership

Let’s be honest – it’s not common for households to have everyone home, all day, every day. In this new normal, there may be chaos, lack of communication, little to no silence and many disruptions.

During this pandemic, you can find many reasons to focus on the bad things, which can be extremely draining and contagious. So, how do you fix this?

The answer is actually simple – look for ways to recognize others throughout your day.  When you start to look for the positive, it shifts your focus and your mindset to things that are good, which impacts your outlook and attitude.

Here are some great ways you can express appreciation towards the people around you today:

  • Write a thank you note. Writing a note shows the receiver that you care enough to put time, effort and thought into recognizing them. Learn how Jesse Cole built this into his daily routine here.
  • Give an award. Get creative! The effort and creativity behind the recognition can say a lot. Everyone could use more fun in their lives! Learn about Joey Zwillinger’s award here.
  • Be specific when you say thank you. It’s so important to explain why you are thanking them. This helps them understand what they are doing well and it will inspire them to do more of it in the future. Here’s an example on how to be specific:

“Thank you for leading the way when it comes to servant leadership. You take time to build relationships with everyone which sets a great example for all of us! You seek to understand the needs of people by listening well and asking questions. Then, you help find answers and solutions. Because of you, I feel cared about and valued which leads to a great environment to work in. You make a positive difference and matter to me.”

Recognition creates a feeling that can be addicting. Everyone needs more encouragement and affirmation, and you can be a catalyst for changing the entire mood in your home by using the power of recognition. This is a great way to get closer to others and work more like a team.

Remember, a little recognition can go a long way and make a lasting impression on the way each person in your household experiences this troubling time.  Who will you recognize today?


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