How to Improve Yourself and Be a More Effective Leader

By: David Novak Leadership

Self-awareness: it’s a big buzzword right now. But how do you really know who you are to become better as a person, a friend, a leader?

And for that matter, why should you care?

Being self-aware means knowing what drives you and what knocks you on your back. It helps you to figure out your motivators, breaking points, and inclinations.

So why does that matter?

Because great leaders lead people. If you aren’t able to manage yourself, then how can you manage your team?
Do you know the one thing that is absolutely necessary to develop your self-awareness?

Here’s a hint: it doesn’t come from you. The leadership tool every great leader needs to develop in self-awareness is FEEDBACK. Yep, good old-fashioned, give it to me straight, feedback.

At David Novak Leadership, we recognize that great leaders need feedback specific to their leadership skills, which is why we’ve developed a set of focused questions that help people analyze their leadership style. Questions like, do you work to ensure that each person on their team knows the team’s vision, and can they explain it? And, does this leader directly involve others in setting goals so everyone can feel ownership of them?

Every leader has weak spots, but it’s hard to know what they are unless someone tells you. Real, honest feedback will help you to see those weak spots and improve your performance.

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