Conflict at Work? Here are 3 Tips

By: David Novak Leadership

Like we say all the time over on our podcast, How Leaders Lead, all great leaders have their own style and their own way of leading. When everyone comes together with these different leadership styles, characteristics, and traits; conflict is bound to happen. Conflict isn’t a bad thing. Productive conflict can grow you and your team for the better, and is part of development as a leader.

Here are 3 tips to help the next time you know what hits the fan:

  1. Mine for conflict – It’s important to pay attention to others and how they react when ideas are shared. Rather than assume that everyone agrees or ignore those who don’t, take time to feel out the room and everyone’s reaction. Ask each individual where they stand on a scale from one to ten. After everyone shares their rating, ask follow-up questions and invite input on how to get everyone aligned. This is part of what creates a culture where everyone makes a difference and is inspired to work together.
  2. Listen for understanding – When others are talking, look them in the eye, suspend your critical thoughts, and really focus on understanding what they are saying before you respond. Dig deeper by asking them follow-up questions: “What did you mean by…?”; “Explain that point to me again… I want to fully understand what you are saying.”
  3. Have courage in your convictions – Remember to always listen to input from others with your mind open to the possibility that they might be right. But when you feel strongly that the input is not right for you have the courage to move forward with what you believe is best for the organization. People will respect you for listening, considering all opinions, and then making a decision, and moving on. But only after you’ve done those things. Don’t cave to people’s ideas to make them feel validated or to avoid conflict. Seriously consider what’s said and make the right call.

With you leading the way carrying these simple leadership tools, you can turn conflict into something that can change and grow your organization and even make a better world. Don’t pass up the opportunity! Go towards it, embrace it. Be the one to make a difference and inspire others – this will only drive you towards success! Do this and it’s a total gamechanger.

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