Becky Frankiewicz, President of ManpowerGroup North America

Today’s guest is Becky Frankiewicz. Becky is the President of ManpowerGroup North America, a world leader in innovative workforce solutions.
Before joining ManpowerGroup, Becky led one of PepsiCo’s largest subsidiaries, Quaker Foods North America. She brings a depth of consumer knowledge to her commitment to building a work ready talent supply to meet the increasing job demand across America. It’s her firm belief that helping people find meaningful and sustainable work benefits individuals, families and communities.
Becky is passionate about advancing women in leadership, developing skills to advance our workforce and advocating for conscious inclusion. She believes enabling all people to participate in the workplace and achieve their potential is not just an ethical imperative, it’s good for business.
Becky was named by Fast Company as one of the most creative people in the industry, anticipating and adapting to fast changing consumer demands.

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Becky recalls a significant failure in her career. She was working with someone she respected to launch a new product. Becky thought they should do it in a specific way, but her colleague didn’t agree. Becky relented, and later a competitor launched the product her way with great success.
Becky knew she was right but second-guessed herself. Despite the failure, she is grateful that it happened when she was young. She learned that the next time she needed to fight harder.

Have you ever experienced a failure? What did you learn?
If your colleague disagreed with you, how would you respond?

Becky has the following thoughts on recognition:
Feedback is a gift, something we have lost in Corporate America.
Becky says, “If I am not giving you feedback, then I am not investing in you. If I’m not getting feedback, people aren’t invested in me.”

What is the best piece of constructive feedback you’ve ever received?

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