Center For NonProfit Excellence, CEO, Gregory Nielsen

Hear our guest, Gregory Nielsen, CEO of the Center for Nonprofit Excellence, share his leadership insights on this episode of the oGoInsider Leadership Podcast. Gregory has served as CEO since 2015 of CNPE and has more than a decade of experience in the public, private, and nonprofit sectors.

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From Podcast Action Journal
Gregory says leaders mustn’t forget they have a responsibility to their teams. Leaders must supply necessary resources for their teams to accomplish their organization’s goals.

If a team member can’t accomplish a job due to lack of resources, is it the team member’s fault or the leader’s?
Are you good at supplying resources to your team members, or could you do better?

When people are recognized as leaders it empowers them to step up and take more ownership over what they do. Gregory says empowered people exercise more influence. They also will take more responsibility to make sure goals are being met.

Are you intentional about giving leadership responsibilities to those in your team?
What kind of results can you expect from team members who are empowered in their jobs?

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