Dawn Sweeney, President & CEO, National Restaurant Association

Dawn Sweeney is the President and CEO of the National Restaurant Association, representing the $800 billion restaurant and foodservice industry. Over her twelve years of leading the organization, she has championed and advanced policy issues and lead America’s restaurant industry into a new era of prominence and prosperity.
Dawn was recently named the 2019 Hospitality Executive of the Year by the Penn State Hotel & Restaurant Society. She was the first female President and CEO of the National Restaurant Association and has been a major advocate for gender diversity, working to create more leadership opportunities for women. Speaking at the 2018 Women’s Foodservice Forum, Sweeney said, “If we can move the needle in this industry, we can change, quite literally, the whole employment world.”
Dawn also leads the National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation, which is focused on developing a strong workforce and fostering the next generation of industry leaders. This year marks the 100th anniversary of the National Restaurant Association which will be celebrated at the annual NRA Trade Show held in Chicago. 
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When Dawn learns new things about herself and the world around her, she works hard to apply it to her life the next day.
Do you approach your life willing to learn from the good and the bad alike?
Dawn encourages leaders to get involved in philanthropy or relief work or some other cause they believe in. It’s important for leaders to invest some of their time and energy outside their day job to serve others. Serving with Save the Children has taught Dawn so much and changed how she views the world and her place in it.
How have service opportunities changed how you view others and yourself?
How might you get involved in causes you believe in to make an impact on the lives of others?

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