Denny's, President and CEO, John Miller

Listen to this dynamic conversation between John Miller, President & CEO of Denny’s Corporation and host, Gregg Dedrick. John is credited with the turnaround of the over 1,700 unit global restaurant brand and has posted 6 consecutive years of system growth.
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John dropped out of college to open a restaurant. He doesn’t recommend it because he faced many challenges later in life, but he admits that decision opened up some great opportunities.
He started out working alongside the Founder of the Taco Bueno restaurant chain, an experience that taught him a lot about business operations and how to run a company with passion. From there, he began a career path in the restaurant industry.

Have you ever taken a huge risk and later wondered if you made the right choice?
Think about a unique opportunity which taught you leadership skills. What is the most important thing you learned through that experience?

John knows the best results come from a culture where feedback is welcome. As a leader, his goal is to create an environment where people are open to sharing, not on the defensive, and willing to work together.

Does your organization have a culture where feedback is welcome? How?
When a team is open to sharing their feedback, how does it influence the dynamic of the organization?

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