Donna Barton Brothers: Leadership, Horse Racing & The Triple Crown | #39

Donna Barton Brothers was born into horse racing. As “Donna Barton”, Barton rode races from 1987 to 1998 and retired in 1998 as the second leading female jockey in the United States by money earned. She won 1,130 races.

In 1999 she began commentating for television coverage of horse racing and in 2000 covered the Breeders’ Cup Championships for NBC Sports. She has covered Horse Racing, Show Jumping, Bull Riding and other horse sports for NBC and NBCSN since 2000 and, during that time, has covered 18 Kentucky Derbies and, memorably, the Triple Crown captured by American Pharoah in 2015. Brothers is also an author and wrote Inside Track: Insider’s Guide to Horse Racing in 2011.

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Donna never intended to be a jockey. She wanted to go to college after high school, and planned to take care of horses to earn money for her tuition. But after a lot of prodding from her agent, she agreed to ride one race, just to rule it out as a career choice. It turned out to be the most exciting thing she’d ever done-and the most challenging. She went for it and never looked back.

Have you ever gotten excited about something you thought you weren’t interested in?

In some ways understanding how to motivate an employee is like understanding how to motivate a horse. Some horses can’t stand to be touched with a whip and other horses won’t move without it. In the same way, people have different traits; for example, some can be sensitive while others aren’t.

Make a list of your team members and write the best way to encourage them. Who on your team works best with a gentle approach? Who needs you to let them navigate with more independence? Who excels with blunt feedback?

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