Ed Stack, Chairman & CEO, Dick’s Sporting Goods

Ed Stack is Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of DICK’s Sporting Goods since 1984. He leads the largest, full-service sporting goods retailer in the country. Ed Stack has led this Fortune 500 Corporation through a remarkable period of growth from just two stores in upstate New York to 713 DICK’s Sporting Good’s stores, 98 Golf Galaxy stores and 35 Field & Stream stores.
Do absolutely the best job you can do. Go that extra mile and even if you’re not recognized right away, continue to go that extra mile…because great leaders and great performers will stick out.”
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Ed likes to include his team members in the decision-making process. They are closer to the customers and know them best, which gives them better insight about what people want. For instance, at one point customers were asking for a brand called Under Armor. Ed listened to the store manager who suggested they stock the brand. The product ended up driving a lot of business.
If you don’t let people be a part of the decision process, you’ll miss out on good feedback. If Ed hadn’t gone out to the store and listened to the team there, they would’ve missed a big opportunity.
Does your organization include all of its team members in decision making?
Are you good at listening to your team members, or could you do better?
Ed says that to be a good leader you need to be a great listener. Listen to what’s going on in your organization. Make sure your team members have a voice. Of course, leaders should be visible and heard, but most importantly, they should listen.
What happens in an organization when team members don’t have a voice?
Do you consider yourself a good listener?


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