Honeywell, Executive Chairman, Dave Cote | Episode #19

Dave Cote is Executive Chairman of Honeywell. He was Honeywell’s Chairman and CEO from 2002 until 2017. Under Cote as CEO, Honeywell delivered strong growth in sales, earnings per share, segment profit, and cash flow. Honeywell had share price appreciation of more than 380% and a total share owner return of more than 575%, which is 2.5 times greater than the S&P 500 during that same timeframe. Honeywell’s market cap grew from $20 billion in 2003 to about $100 billion in 2017. Join our host David Novak and listen to Dave Cote share his leadership journey and key learnings that he wants to pass on to you.

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From Podcast Action Journal
While in leadership at GE, Dave was faced with an opportunity to throw his co-workers under the bus. He chose to take the heat from Jack Welch himself, rather than blame his co-workers. Dave’s decision to take the heat for his co-workers earned Jack’s respect and also put Dave on the fast track to becoming a GE Executive.

Why do you think Dave earned Jack’s respect by not throwing his co-workers under the bus?
When faced with a tough situation, do you tend to throw others under the bus or take the heat yourself?
What can you learn from Dave’s example?

After Dave took the CEO job at Honeywell, he learned that he wasn’t the first choice for the job. This is his advice when you face situations like this: If you’re not the first choice for something, rather than get miffed about it, take the opportunities when they come to you. Just because you weren’t the first choice doesn’t mean it’s not a good opportunity for you.

How do you respond when you discover you aren’t the first choice?
How can you use Dave’s advice so you don’t miss good opportunities?

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