ITT, CEO & President, Denise Ramos

Denise Ramos, CEO & President of ITT, Inc. is our special guest on episode #25 of the oGoInsider Podcast. Host David Novak discusses leadership lessons and other keen business insights with Denise. Hear Denise’s perspectives on when it is time to make changes in your career and what she is doing to keep her company successful in a very competitive industry.

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From Podcast Action Journal
When Denise started her career, she tended to focus on what she could do and achieve. Over time, she became more compassionate for others and found a new a perspective which involved helping others develop and grow in their leadership.

As a leader, is helping others important to you?
Over the course of your career, have you experienced a shift in perspective? What changed?

To grow in strategic skills, Denise says leaders must be avid learners. They should have open minds and go outside of their organizations to learn what is going on in the world, then bring that learning back with them.

If you followed Denise’s advice, how would your organization benefit?

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