Margaret Duffy, Professor of Strategic Communication at the Missouri School of Journalism | #50

Margaret Duffy is a professor of Strategic Communication at the Missouri School of Journalism. She is also the Executive Director of the Novak Leadership Institute. The institute offers an innovative approach to leadership education uniquely rooted in the principles of strategic communication and advertising. Dr. Duffy is the founder and Executive Director of MOJO Ad™, a student-staffed advertising agency specializing in the Youth and Young Adult market (YAYA™) serving national clients such as AOL, Redbox, Hallmark, and U.S. Bank. As an award winning scholar, author and consultant, Margaret Duffy conducts research and advises media organizations around the world.

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From Podcast PowerNotes
Margaret has dealt with her share of challenging bosses. For those in this situation, Margaret says the best thing to do is try to help the person succeed (so long as your boss isn’t being unethical).
You can get noticed by teaching your boss how to do things the right way. Oftentimes, if Margaret helped her challenging boss, whenever he was promoted, she would get his job.
Throughout your career, how have you overcome the difficulties of working for a challenging boss?
Margaret says the one soft skill every leader needs is self-awareness. Feedback is so helpful, even though it can be hard to hear if it is negative. Develop the ability to trust your colleagues.
Do you consider yourself a self-aware leader?
How often do you ask your colleagues for feedback?

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