Panera Bread Co., President, Blaine Hurst | Episode #20

Panera Bread Co., President, Blaine Hurst has a fascinating leadership journey that led him on a not-so-typical path to his current role. Hear about how his I.T. background helped prepare him for his leadership roles and how Panera has embraced technology and innovation to become an industry leader. Join host Gregg Dedrick and our guest Blaine Hurst, as he shares his leadership insights on this episode of the oGoInsider Leadership Podcast.

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From Podcast Action Journal
Blaine has tackled some big initiatives throughout his career. One of them was implementing the delivery service at Panera, which has been hugely successful.
He says if you never have problems to overcome, you’re not pushing hard enough.

What kinds of obstacles have you overcome?
Do you look forward to taking big risks or do you shy away from them?

Blaine developed a plan to manage the change for his vision, which was implemented in all of Panera’s cafes. He explained to their teams that the change would be uncomfortable, but it would be okay.
Blaine didn’t expect people to accept and adapt right away. Business can often forget that they are dealing with human beings. You have to get people on board first, and then bring on the change.

Have you ever been in an organization that steamrolled change on its people? How did the staff react?
Can you think of a person or organization who excelled at bringing about change? What did they do that you admired?

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