Paul Sarvadi, Chairman & CEO of Insperity

Paul Sarvadi, Chairman & CEO of Insperity, a leader in full-service human resource outsourcing services. When Sarvadi co­-founded Insperity, he focused on building a business plan that focused on people and values rather than cold, hard economics. By believing that one’s business is only as strong as their human capital, Paul was able to grow Insperity into a multibillion-dollar company. In his debut book, Take Care of Your People: The Enlightened CEO’s Guide to Business Success, you will learn how to establish a strong human capital strategy that exudes your company’s values and propels business success. Backed by Paul’s over thirty years of experience in corporate management and aiding the struggles of small- to medium-sized businesses, Take Care of Your People is the perfect resource for any CEO or executive who wants improve their business outcomes through their most valuable resource: their people.

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From Podcast Action Journal
Paul experienced a tremendous blow early in his business career. There’s an emotional and psychological effect when you go through failure like that; it really tests your mettle. How do you respond? Can you get up off the ground? Do you still have confidence in yourself?
When your confidence is shaken, you have to figure out where you go from there. Paul learned to rely on his faith and believe in himself.

Have you ever experienced a big failure?
How did you respond?

When Paul was younger he had a lot of rough edges. Sometimes he was too quick to speak or didn’t give others the opportunity to give input.
Now he realizes that the best ideas come from the people in frontline roles. If asked, they will share all kinds of ideas to improve your business.

What mistakes did you make early on in your career?
Why do you think frontline workers have so many good ideas?

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