Terrian Barnes: Diversity, Creativity & Inclusion | #42

Terrian Barnes has held many leadership roles, including being legislative correspondent for a prominent Louisiana congressman to heading the public affairs group for the largest franchise trade association in the U.S. to launching an award-winning diversity and inclusion platform for a Fortune 500 global fast food giant. In addition to being a very active community volunteer, Terrian puts her energy and passion for gender diversity and multiculturalism into her own consulting agency, F. E. Smart, helping organizations envision a future workforce of inclusive leaders who leverage both female and male leadership skills as a source of innovation, creativity and competitive advantage.

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Terrian recalls a time when she wasn’t treated fairly because of her race. At her elementary school, the best student in each class was selected to represent their grade at the school board meeting. When Terrian was in the 4th grade, she had earned the top spot. She was meant to go; however, the teacher chose another girl who was white. Fortunately, the principal intervened and made sure Terrian went.
That experience has stayed with her. It reminds Terrian to treat other people with respect and without judgment.

What have you experienced in regards to inequality in the workplace?
How does diversity benefit an organization? How can leading a diverse team make you a better leader?

When it comes to work/life balance, Terrian says you can have it all. The size of your plate is limitless. Put some things to the side and bring on new stuff. You have to make it work.

What does your work/life balance look like?
What things can you shift on your plate to do what matters to you?

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