How do you build a winning team?

By: David Novak Leadership

Have you ever noticed a great team and wondered, “how did they build such a dynamic team that gets such good things done?”

Here’s how they did it, and how you can too.

A winning team needs four kinds of people:


A promoter has plenty of drive. Their strength lies in growing others’ ideas and contributing to their team. They are passionate and energetic and inspiring.


The supporter is the backbone of the team. They are givers who seek to help their team members. They thrive on recognition and value respect.


The controller is the “doer” of the team. Controllers are decisive, confident, and focused. They get the job done.


Analytics are the problem-solvers. They are goal-oriented, detailed, and logical. They’re disciplined and their systematic approach gets great results.

Does your team have all of these components? If not, figure out how you can build your team to look like this.

Why is this important? Say you have a team full of ideas-people but no implementers, how would anything get done? An unbalanced team is like an unbalanced diet. An unbalanced diet does not provide you with the nutrients needed to maintain a good, all-around level of health and will cause you to become malnourished. Same thing for an unbalanced team.

Once you’ve built that winning team, the next step is to lead them according to their strengths.

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