Are You Hirable?

By: David Novak Leadership

Have you ever wanted to tap into the thoughts of a hiring manager to learn why some people get hired and others don’t? You might be surprised by what you discover. If you think a great resume and prestigious qualifications are enough, think again.

We’ve asked David Novak of How Leaders Lead what he looks for when he hires someone, and these are the 2 questions he asks himself:

  1. Why will this person be a great addition to our team?
  2. Does this person have the ability to learn?

David believes the difference between a good performer and a great performer comes down to a desire to learn.

Are you the kind of person who wants to learn from others? Do you seek out best practices in your field?

Hiring managers look for candidates who are curious because they strive to learn throughout their careers and, as a result, raise the game for other members on their team. When interviewing, be prepared to share how you are passionate about learning, and talk about how you want to continue to grow, and be humble enough to speak about how you don’t know everything. This just might set you apart from other candidates.

After the interview David then asks himself:

Would I want my daughter to work for this person? If the answer was no, then that person wouldn’t get the job. But if David saw someone with special leadership traits and characteristics, someone who would invest in his daughter and help her become the best she could be, he would hire that person.

Being a learner and a leader are equally important. Keep that in mind and you will be ready to land that next job and kill the interview! You’ve got this!

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