Strategies To Motivate Reluctant People

Implementing new initiatives can be a challenge for any leader, but it is especially tough when you have reluctant people on your team. Whether their hesitant behavior stems from caution, lack of enthusiasm, or because they are simply unwilling to shift, reluctant people will resist change and, ultimately, slow down progress.

Free Leadership Assessment from David Novak LeadershipFortunately, it is possible to get reluctant people to move forward. All you need is the right strategy.

Here are two steps to motivating reluctant people:

1. Align your team

Give your team all the facts. Once everyone is on the same page, you should ask for their input. Let your team speak into the initiative, and give your most reluctant team members an opportunity to offer their ideas. Everyone should have a voice. You might end up discovering the reason behind the reluctance, and have the chance to address any concerns.

2. Get them involved

No involvement equals no commitment. After you get input from your team, it’s time to figure out where your most reluctant people will fit best. Give them opportunities to contribute. If they become involved in your initiative, they’ll be more committed to seeing it through.

By communicating to your team that you value their input and believe they are capable of bringing about change, they will be more willing to embrace new initiatives.

For more tips on motivating reluctant people, head over to our podcasts and listen to Blaine Hurst describe how he convinced his reluctant team at Panera to implement their ground-breaking delivery service.

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