6 Daily Habits of Successful Leaders

By: David Novak Leadership

If you want to be a successful leader you have to start to learn the behaviors of other successful, great leaders and learn about the behaviors and habits that set them apart.

Here’s the routine of what a successful person looks like:

Prepare the Night Before

David’s daily routine starts the night before. Before he goes to bed, he looks at his calendar for the next day and asks himself, “What’s going to make each one of those meetings successful?” Then he tries to envision what a successful meeting would look like. By thinking about it the night before, David can go into each meeting prepared and focused on coming out with successful outcomes.

Cultivate a Positive Attitude

Ken Langone, Co-Founder of The Home Depot, asks himself, “What can I do today to be as good a person as I hope I can be.” By asking and answering this question, Ken is preparing himself to look for ways to be the good person he wants to be, rather than hoping it will happen by chance. This a step in personal development that will help you to leady at any level.

Physical Exercise

Brian Cornell, Chairman, and CEO of Target Corporation recognizes the importance of exercise, so he is creative about building it into his schedule each day. Whether it’s 20 minutes in-between meetings or 20 minutes at the end of the day before a dinner function, he gets on the treadmill, which helps him manage his stress and refreshes his energy.

Schedule Management

When David realized that people tried to avoid him until around 10:00 in the morning, he learned not to schedule any major meeting till after 10:00 AM. This allows him to be at his best. Learn what times you are at your best. This small habit will change your day and the others you work with.

Connect with Others

Milind Pant, Chairman of Yum! China makes it a habit to walk throughout the office talking to employees, which ensures that he is available and visible to his team.

These daily habits work!

These are simple things that make great leaders.

Which habit do you think will help you become the best leader you can be?

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