Mike Rawlings, 61st Mayor of Dallas, Texas

Mike Rawlings came to Dallas in 1976 with a couple hundred dollars in his pocket and plans to work as a radio reporter. He didn’t think he’d stay long. But over the next four decades, Rawlings proved that Dallas is truly a city of opportunity. He eventually became the 61st Mayor of Dallas, Texas. You don’t want to miss this conversation between Mayor Rawlings and David Novak, host of this episode of the oGoInsider Podcast.
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Mike Rawlings was a corporate executive who became the 61st Mayor of Dallas, TX. Becoming Mayor required Mike to step out of his comfort zone. What inspired this change? Mike believed that he only had a certain amount of time on earth, and he wanted to use that time well.

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Mike initially resisted the invitation to become the Mayor of Dallas. Dallas has a tradition of having business people as their mayor, and he was invited on more than one occasion to run for office. His son is the one who inspired him to run. While on a skiing trip, Mike asked his college-age son to tell him the question he should ask himself to determine if he should run for mayor or not. After much thought, his son replied, “What would the virtuous man do?” This question challenged Mike to practice what he’d been teaching his son – that life is not about focusing on yourself, but about how you can give back. His son’s question led Mike to get serious about running, and after researching the odds of him winning, he decided to run, and won.

How can you use the question, “What would a virtuous person do?” to help you with your decision making?

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