University of Louisville Physicians, CEO, Dr. Gerard Rabalais

Special guest, Dr. Gerard Rabalais, CEO of the University of Louisville Physicians, discusses his leadership journey and his role as both a physician and an executive physician. Listen to Dr. Rabalais’s perspective on leadership and his insights that are relevant for any field or industry.
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Great leaders are avid learners. Dr. Rabalais recognizes the importance of this and surrounds himself with others who avidly learn. Another way Dr. Rabalais focused on learning was by taking a six-month sabbatical to visit eight different medical schools around the country who were at the forefront of medical education innovation. Spending time with top leaders at these schools enlightened and refreshed Dr. Rabalais. He is now using what he learned to develop the next generation of Physician Executives.

What is one thing you can do this week to practice becoming an avid learner?
How can you apply one of the points above in your professional or personal life?

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