PepsiCo, former Chairman & CEO, Indra Nooyi – Part 2

Listen to part two of our two-part podcast with Indra Nooyi, former Chairman and CEO of PepsiCo. Hear Indra Nooyi discuss the challenge of the transformation PepsiCo went through as they developed more lines of what they call “Good For You” and “Better For You” products. Listen to how she handled the criticism she was getting and how she motivates her employees and builds leaders within her organization.
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From Podcast Action Journal
Indra is a champion of diversity. She says you can discover the best candidates if you draw from the entire talent pool, rather than a narrow one.
Inclusion is important in order for everyone to feel equal and there shouldn’t be disparity in wages or benefits based on race, religion, or gender. Also, people who need special training should be allowed the opportunity. Indra explains, for example, that Asian people are very strong in their jobs, but they sometimes have trouble with communication.
Indra wants everyone to be successful because she wants the company to be successful. To be a champion of diversity, Indra recommends:

  • Believe in all people.
  • Lift your team up.
  • When it doesn’t work out, allow them to leave.


How could pulling from a diverse talent pool benefit your organization?
Which principle could you practice more often to better champion your team?


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