Yum! China, CEO, Micky Pant

Learn about Micky’s leadership journey and his remarkable insights that will be applicable for every leader. Host David Novak, asks Micky about how his younger years impacted his leadership style and what leadership lessons he believes are the most important for leaders to go from good to great.
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From Podcast Action Journal
Micky says if you want to get to know a business all you need to do is go to the front line. You can know what is going on just by seeing how the team operates.
It’s important to respect people. Be a good listener first, then make your own judgments.

Do you agree with Micky’s assertion that you can know a business based on what happens at the front line?
Have you ever seen a leader make an uninformed judgment? What was the result?

Micky is an advocate of peer-to-peer knowledge sharing forums. People can learn so much by listening to each other.
He also believes leaders should empower their team members. One organization that he is really impressed with is a store chain called Emporer. There, the store managers have the final decision is what happens in terms of business. If they make a mistake, they make it right. Even with numerous stores, the business runs smoothly.

How could you or your team benefit from a knowledge sharing forum?
What changes could you make in your own leadership to empower your team?

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