Rory McIlroy: Beginnings, Golf & Leadership | Part 1, #32

Today’s guest is professional golfer, Rory McIlroy from Northern Ireland who is a member of both the European and PGA Tours. He was world number one in the Official World Golf Ranking for 95 weeks. He is a four-time major champion, winning the 2011 U.S Open, (setting a tournament record score of −16), 2012 PGA Championship (with a tournament record margin of victory (8 strokes)), 2014 Open Championship, and 2014 PGA Championship. Along with Jack Nicklaus, Tiger Woods and Jordan Spieth he is one of four players to win three majors by the age of 25.
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What traits do you admire in leaders?
You have to lead by example. You can’t just preach about what people need to do, you have to show them. If you look to your boss or leader and they are practicing what they preach, it is more authentic, so that’s a big thing. With leadership, you don’t want to lead by fear, you want to make the people you are leading feel a part of things. You don’t want a separation between people and a leader. Make it feel like one big team and make everyone feel valued.

Would people who work with you describe you as someone who leads by example or someone who says, “Do what I say, not what I do?”
What is one action you can take this week to lead by example and show others you value them?


I see that authenticity is really important to you – you are the real deal.
I try to be me, not somebody else. Once I became 100% comfortable in my own skin, if not everyone likes me, that’s ok as long as I stay true to myself, the values I believe in and be authentic.

What fears keep you from staying true to yourself?


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