Rory McIlroy: Staying Hungry & Inspirational Leadership | Part 2

This is Part 2 of our podcast with guest, Rory McIlroy. Rory is from from Northern Ireland and is a member of both the European and PGA Tours. He was world number one in the Official World Golf Ranking for 95 weeks. He is a four-time major champion, winning the 2011 U.S Open, (setting a tournament record score of −16), 2012 PGA Championship (with a tournament record margin of victory (8 strokes)), 2014 Open Championship, and 2014 PGA Championship. Along with Jack Nicklaus, Tiger Woods and Jordan Spieth he is one of four players to win three majors by the age of 25.

To listen to Part 1 of our podcast with Rory McIlroy, click here.

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From Podcast Action Journal
How much is gratitude a part of your life?
It’s huge. I think everyone has to be thankful for what they have. I think to receive something, you first have to be thankful for it and I’ve been very thankful for everything that’s happened to me in my life. I’ve got a deep gratitude to my parents and what they’ve done for me. I’m thankful every day I can get up in the morning and do what I do and spend time with very special people and learn from these people.

What are three things you’re grateful for today? To take this to the next level, write down three things you are thankful for each day this week.

Any advice for up and coming leaders?
Never be afraid to ask for advice, too proud or stubborn to take advice from people. Everyone is trying to help in some way. Lead by example, the way you want to be led. Be engaging and inspiring. Try to help others. Be selfless; if you help others, it will help you along the way as well. Keep a great perspective on things.

Do you struggle with asking for or taking advice from others?

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