Sandler O’Neill + Partners, Senior Managing Principal, Jimmy Dunne

Our special guest on this episode of the oGoInsider Leadership Podcast is Jimmy Dunne, Senior Managing Principal of Sandler O’Neill + Partners, L.P. Mr. Dunne also heads the firm’s Executive Committee. Sandler O’Neill is the largest independent full-service investment banking firm focused on the financial services sector.
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From Podcast Action Journal
Jimmy learned to listen well from his father. His father coached him to anticipate – don’t worry about what you’re going to say. Instead, focus on what others are saying and thinking. This helps you learn what’s going on in the room and helps you operate with empathy and compassion for others. You show others that you understand them and that you really care by listening well.

Do you focus more on what you’re going to say or do you listen well and observe what others are thinking and feeling?
How can listening well help you become a better leader?

Jimmy learned how to engage in productive conflict from Herman Sandler. Sandler taught him that you know whether you’re right or not. Fight as hard as you can, but the second you don’t think you’re right, it’s over. Jimmy incorporates this wisdom in his personal and professional life.

How can you apply this wisdom about productive conflict in your personal and professional life?

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