Tom Murphy, Former Chairman and CEO Emeritus of Capital Cities/ABC, Inc.

Thomas S. Murphy is an American broadcast executive, and is Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Emeritus of Capital Cities / ABC, Inc. Murphy helped engineer the 1986 acquisition of the American Broadcasting Company in 1986 for $3.5 billion. Murphy, who served as President and Chief Executive of ABC until 1994, are credited with increasing the profitability and efficiency of ABC. Tom Murphy is a member of board of directors of Berkshire Hathaway, General Housewares Corp., Texaco, Inc., Johnson & Johnson, and IBM Corporation and a Life Trustee and Honorary Vice Chair of New York University.
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Tom took his first leadership role after graduating college. He went to work for Texaco in a salesman position. The job not only taught him about business but also how to lead well. He says you have to be fair with people; when you are fair, your team will respect you.

Have you ever worked with someone you didn’t respect?

He never had trouble giving up control; he knew one man couldn’t run a company. He made sure to hire smart people and he rarely had disappointments. Because of this, his workers felt they were part of a team and that they were building something.

Are there any aspects of your role that involve handing over authority? Is that difficult or easy for you?
What are the benefits of giving autonomy to others?

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